Superhero Sportball party was a super success!

Our son started taking Sportball over a year ago, just before he turned 3 and he absolutely loves it. The coaches make it really fun, he's been exposed to so many sports and he's really gained good motor skills and speed. We just had his Superhero Sportball birthday party and it was a big success. The coaches were great and the kids were engaged, listening, playing and having fun! We'd highly recommend Sportball as a class and birthday party activity.

Seattle, WA

BEST After-School Program

Thanks for being so organized and making my life so much easier. You are by far the BEST after school program I have ever seen. I ask parents teachers "what after school program is the best run at our school?" SPORTBALL! Everyone says it. Thank you for being so awesome.

Phoenix, AZ

Sportball staff are always enthusiastic and friendly

The Sportball staff are always enthusiastic and friendly. I like that they run the class without the parents in the room, but always give a report on how it went. I also LOVED that the class was indoors.

Tempe, AZ

Every Child Feels Special

I just LOVE your program ... Ava was always so excited to participate. I would tell her it was time to get ready and her reply was always "Yeah, Sportball!". I would recommend your program to ANYONE. You make EVERY child feel special. You challenge the children, but do so in a very encouraging and supportive manner. And your energy level is truly outstanding. I just LOVE your program.

Redlands, CA

Looks forward to Sportball each week

Thank you for your coaching at School in the Hills with my daughter. SHE ADORES you and looks forward to Sportball each week because you do new things all the time. Thank you so much for your coaching style and how you bring fun each week. She adores you!

Steiner Ranch, TX

Is it a Sportball day?

I get the same question from Violet each morning ... 'Mom, is it Sportball day today'. We are huge fans of the program. Thank you for being so wonderful with the kiddos.

Yucaipa, CA